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stories that make you go, hmm. the president talked about the looming fiscal cliff and what he said at the white house got a lot of attention on wall street. stocks sank because of fears there will not be a deal by end of the your to head off higher taxes and those steep spending cuts as well. the dow tumbled 185 points. almost 1.5%. overseas markets are trending lower this morning. the thing is, you hear people in other situations say the president, because now he doesn't face re-election is more than willing this team to perhaps let the country go off the fiscal cliff much more than he was last time around. so a real potential that everyone's taxes go up january 1. this is, they're not bluffing as much this time around. really could happen. >> overseas now where israeli aircraft, tanks and knave gun boats are pounding the gaza strip for a second day. >> this follows the military strike yesterday that killed a top hamas leader. the report from tel aviv on the newest wave of violence in the region. >> reporter: the car below is
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carrying hamas' top military commander. he has no idea he is in the cross hairs. then what israel called a surgical strike. in the blink of an eye, israel had killed one of its most wanted. jabari who for a decade led hamas' attacks against israel. the assassination the beginning of a barrage of air strikes on gaza that also targeted hamas' rockets. at least ten people were killed and dozens more wounded. we're at the beginning of the event said the israeli defense minister not at the end. israel's military warned hamas operatives not to show their faces above ground. hamas which controls the gaza strip and committed to israel's destruction fired rockets into southern israel and vowed revenge. saying the assassination, quote, opened the gates of hell. now to the investigation into the deadly meningitis outbreak. after getting grilled on capitol hill, the head of the fda has asked congress for more
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authority to oversee pharmacies like the one that sparked this outbreak. the owner of the massachusetts company was also in the hot seat, but he was not offering too much information. >> what explanation can you give the families? >> on advice of counsel -- i respectfully declean to answer on the basis of my constitutional right and privileges. >> pleading the fifth. the pharmacy that distributed tainted drugs had been investigated more than a dozen times in the past decade. so far, 32 people have died. and 450 were sickened. and those folks on capitol hill never like when folks plead the fifth in the hot seat. never goes over too well. lots of questions about the health and the -- health history and, safety and sanitation history of that, of that facility here. >> conditions were deplorable when they actually checked it out. hostess, speaking of health
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conditions. hostess twinkies, cupcakes and deng-dongs in danger of becoming collector's items. >> the snack food giant says if striking employees don't return to work by 5:00 p.m. eastern time to day it will move to liquidate the entire company. if that motion is granted hostess says it would begin shutting down operations and selling off assets as early as tuesday. that could mean the loss of 18,000 jobs. >> some baseball history to report on this thursday. mets' pitcher, r.a. dickey, the first knuckleballer to win the cy young award as national league's best pitcher. dickey, 20-6 last season on the mets' team, can we say underperformed. >> david price won the american league cy young. he had the lowest e.r.a. during a season in which he went 20-5. congratulations to both of those stars. >> 'tis the season here in new
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york when stores show off their most creative side with over the top holiday window,000 displays. >> the famous store, barney's unveiled theirs last night. something special from our parent company,,000 disney. characters like minnie mouse like they have never been animated before as super models no less. big boss, bill eiger is proud of this collaboration. >> i think it is going to illustrate yet again, the great characters are always in fashion and always in style. >> more good news here, a joint disney, barney's fashion line will be available during the holidays with 25% of the proceeds going to the red cross of course to help victims of hurricane sandy. >> sjp, sarah jessica parker, channelling inner minnie mouse. the search nor bigfoot some interesting characters running around in the wood. >> don't miss that hard-hitting piece. almost the holiday traven as we all know. that means long lines, delays,
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and flight attendants under a lot more pressure than usual. the on board freak-out is next here on "world news now." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] sponges take your mark.
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♪ ♪ well, the holiday travel season is quickly approaching. and with it, of course, the stress that comes with flying, overstuffed carry-on bags, crowded flights, the crying babies. hmm. >> you don't like the crying babies, do you? >> the worst sound. >> most stressed people on board may be the flight crew the now they're getting some help. here is abc's senior national correspondent, j jim have la. >> reporter: famously caught on tape, airborne freakouts. this american eagle flight attendant, roughly inviting parents to, how do they say it, deplane. the infamous jet blue flight attendant steven slater grabbed a beer from the galley. >> are you going to lose your job? >> more than likely. >> reporter: and bolted through
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the emergency exit at new york's jfk. >> the job has become more stressful because when passengers get on they're already stressed. >> reporter: sheila dale a veteran u.s.airways flight attendant and suffered her own traumatic stressful day in 20095 board the miracle on the hudson flight that crash landed in the river. >> there was a shudder the a few minutes later we heard, this is the captain, brace for impact. >> reporter: unable to sleep for days and with no one to talk to dale wished he had some one to call which drove her to set up peer to peer hot line, using 46 volunteers in the second year to answer flight attendant crisis calls at all hours. >> we help people deal with death on board, serious illness on board, security issues, weather issues, turbulence. >> reporter: the association of flight attendants says incident reports show stress comes from passengers too. demanding drinks and cussing.
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another did some karate moves then rushed at her with his hand out in a choking way. susan gillian became part of the crisis team after an emergency landing made her afraid to fly. >> sometimes i would just turn around and go right back home. and say it wasn't meant to be. i used all my sick time. >> reporter: aviation jobs some of the most stressful in business today. flight attendants are learning to comfort each other as they try to prevent any more midair freakouts. jim avila, abc news, philadelphia. >> wow. i think most people find the holidays very stressful. no matter what you are doing or where you are going. own job where you have to deal with the public that frequently, close contact. that can't be easy for the flight attendants. it can't be. >> and i am never comfortable to fly. everybody is uncomfortable. might be sitting next to someone that has some -- odor issues or -- crying baby. >> the funky person. some times you get the crying
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baby. some times you get the person who really wants to talk the whole flight. >> i hate that. >> oh, i hate that. please shut up. you can never shut them up. i get why the folks go a little nuts some times. it's never easy. >> i flew back to chicago, i had a scarf and put it over my head. so i didn't deal with any body. including my daughter. >> very subtle. >> sleeping. >> was she behaving? >> i gave her benadryl. she has not been feeling well. she conked out. >> multiple benefits to that strategy. next up they're on the hunt. >> they're the big foot hunters out there, seeking sassquatch. more people doing it these days than you might thing including rob. we're going to meet a few
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